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Customer Reviews

“I have gone with these guys for about 5 years now and they do not disappoint. I certainly have a hard time trusting most mechanics as most of us do but I have 100% trust in these guys. They are honest and up front (which I greatly appreciate) while doing quality work. I am writing this review because this time they have gone above and beyond my expectations. I have a 2003 Honda Civic with over 247,000 miles on it. It’s been a great car but some things are understandably falling apart like the struts for instance. I recently moved further away from Centennial Auto and decided to go with a shop down the street from me and this proved to be a mistake. They wanted to charge me over $1100 to replace the front struts which seemed outrageous and I immediately called Centennial Auto to get a second opinion. Zach was very helpful and said that they could do it for a little over $500. I know that businesses need to make a profit but the price difference was huge and felt like I would have been ripped off if I went with the other guys. Not only did they offer me a much lower price but offered to pick up my car from the other shop and take it back to their shop to fix it by the end of the day. WOW!! I’m a customer for life now. Thanks Zach and Centennial Auto for being honest and very accommodating!! I will definitely refer Centennial Auto to everyone I know.”

Al W.

“I was very pleased. Everyone I worked with was helpful, patient and took time to answer all my questions. They also worked hard to get me the best possible price on my replacement parts, which was very much appreciated.”

Lindsey C.

“After my dad’s 2001 Jag broke down late afternoon I emailed Centennial with my request to have it towed to them and repaired. Received a phone call from them first thing next morning. They towed the car, constantly kept in contact with me about the repairs (which they diagnosed correctly) and had it repaired that day at a competitive price. Very pleased with the experience.”

Gina C.

“Had two cars serviced here – both times they did everything right and charged about 30 percent less than Keller’s had charged me in the past. I was in a minor accident and called your shop Monday afternoon. You got me in right away, found the problem and ordered the part all in the same afternoon. The repairs were made quickly and the car is running great.”

Michelle D.

“They diagnosed, and fixed the problem without going a dollar over what they told me. I will go back! Jeff was great and they serviced my vehicle quickly and I was out of there within a day. The quote was accurate as well. I would recommend Centennial to my neighbors in the Parker area. Jeff and Dana were great to work with, they explained clearly without talking down to me.
Centennial Auto Repair did a fast, accurate assessment of the problem, fixed it and charged me a lot less than what an auto dealer would have charged. I will recommend them to my friends. “

Brad O.

“I called on a Monday morning and these guys were able to get me in that day. The repairs were done in a few hrs! Best service I have received in a long time. We’ll be taking our cars back for all repairs!”

Mary Jo Rendon

“My experience with Centennial Auto Repair was good, they performed a diagnostic, priced the repairs and performed the repairs timely.”

Dan R.

“I have had 3 repairs done at Centennial Auto and I will continue to keep going back. They are quick to diagnose the problem and their pricing is always better than I can get at other shops in the area.”

Greg C.

“I had my oil changed here and they were great to work with. The oil change was very quick and the price was good. I have gone to so many places where an oil change takes 3 hours? Really?? I will be taking my car here for other repairs. My AC was not running as expected, and C.A.R. was able to diagnose it as a simple recharge; they even checked for leaks. Many places would have said that parts need to be replaced, but C.A.R. just recharged the system and I was good to go….”

Derek H.

“I was so impressed with Jeff and his handeling of my situation. Being “a not car knowledgeable woman” it is hard to find someone who can make you feel so comfortable and that they are looking out for your best interest.”

Marlis H.

“The people at Centennial Auto Repair rescued me from another shop, and performed the work to my total satisfaction, at great savings to me! They did it with a professional, courteous and friendly manner, as well! I highly recommend them!”

Priscilla H.

“I had a check engine light on and they quickly took care of it. Every time I go there its quick and easy.

Julie B.

“I’ve taken a couple of cars to Centennial now for the small problems and also a large problem. These folk were straightforward in what they were doing and why, and completed the work in good order and for less than others had quoted me. Service was excellent. Communication was great. They didn’t offer services that I didn’t need. I’m satisfied. 4.5 Starts because price was a little high. Planning to return there.”

Ricardo G.

“I was frazzled when I called to have my car checked out. I’m moving to the area and have been commuting from Ft. Collins for a week when my car started misfiring on E470 close to Centennial. These guys went out of their way to help me!”

Vicki R.

“You are hearing it from a woman! Ladies, I have been a long time customer of Centennial Auto repair. I have been to their shop for years and they are so fair and honest with me. they take the time to explain things and show me so I can see the repair for myself. For a while I would call around and shop them but after many times of them not only being a fair and very competitive price they also have earned my trust. several times I had a oil change coupon and took my car to the “chain” and they tell me that I need $2000 in repairs I bring it in to the guys at Centennial Auto Repair, they check the list out for free and almost always come back and tell me the repair isn’t needed or it was a lot less than was quoted by the other shop. They tell me what is wrong and then they prioritize it by telling me safety items first then possible future breakdown worries, and then good maintenance items. I am on a budget so it is nice to know what is urgent and what I can wait on, if they do find a problem. they aren’t pushy and they have the nicest, cleanest shop around. their waiting room is nicer than my Dr.s office. I recommend this shop to EVERYONE I know because I know. I have found something awesome.”

Bum L.

“The team at Centennial Auto Repair did a great job diagnosing and repairing an intermittent electrical issue.”

Troy P.

A Woman’s point of view! by Lady Customer – 03/24/2010

“I found the people at Centennial Auto Repair to be very helpful and knowledgeable. My car is a mystery to me. As a woman I appreciate it when things are explained to me in a way I can understand. Dana showed me the problem with my car and he explained it so that I could see exactly what he was talking about and I could understand what I needed. He didn’t treat me like I couldn’t understand or that I didn’t need to worry “my little head” about the details, like so many shops do when you are a woman. I got treated in a professional intelligent manner. Dana’s wife is the receptionist at the shop, during our conversation about the shop she said “Dana treats woman the way he would want someone to treat me if I needed their help.” I will be going to Centennial Auto Repair for all of my car repairs from now on. I am so thankful I have found them, Honesty is hard to find these days!!!”

I found the right shop – Finally someone I can trust ! by Steve – 01/28/2010

“Word of mouth travels quickly. My sons Mitz Lancer broke down and left me scratching my head as to what to do. After asking around, I was headed off to another service repair shop. In a last attempt to vent about the situation I called my wife, who had heard about Dana at Centennial Auto Repair. After a quick phone call, the car was in and out. Fixed and it was not a $1200 repair like I was originally quoted. Matter of fact, it ended up being something totally different, for less money. This guy will service every car I have from now on. Trust me, you will want to call Dana.”

Customer for life by Kurt – 01/27/2010

“Finding an excellent and trustworthy mechanic is not as easy as it should be. I was referred to a franchise operation where every time I needed something simple, there was a much bigger problem that they said needed to be fixed. Rather than follow their advice, I went to Dana at Centennial Auto Repair and he checked out the “problem” and determined that rather than a $1,000 repair, one part was out of adjustment and needed to be repaired and all other parts would fall within factory specs. I spent about $100 for that repair, not $1000. He then had another mechanic from another shop verify that that was the only needed repair. As the owner of three cars, I appreciate that Dana is honest, thorough and only fixes the things that are broken. He is my first stop with all of my repair needs and should be yours as well.”

Very Impressed with service! by Dan the man – 09/30/2009

“I don’t usually write reviews but I had such a good experience at Centennial Auto Repair, this time I am. I took my car in with several items that needed attention. When I walked in, they were very friendly and after talking with them for a few minutes, it was apparent that these guys had very extensive knowledge about cars. When I went back to pick up my car, I was charged much less than some of the other quotes I had previously received. Additionally, the guy pointed out some en-even tire tread and a loose engine bolt, without trying to push me to get it fixed with him. I will definitely give these guys more business. A+ from me!!”

4 car owner by Jamie – 09/07/2009

“I have taken my cars to a lot of different shops over the years. It is always hard to find someone you can trust for all your repairs. I have found Centennial Auto Repair friendly and reliable. My most recent problem leaking steering fluid that wouldn’t stop leaking. Dana, the owner, has taken personal responsiblity for my car. I appreciate his knowledge and experience in determining and solving the cause of a problem. I will continue to take my automobiles to Centennial Auto Repair.”

Finally a Repair shop I can Trust! by Satisfied Customer – 09/04/2009

“I took my vehicle to Centennial Auto Repair and the price was less than many others I had shopped. The Technician took the time to explain what was wrong and the repair so that I could make an educated decision and then the repair was done in a timely manner. They are Honest and I wasn’t raked over the coals.”

A Satisfied Customer by Willi – 09/04/2009

“I’ve had both of my cars serviced at Centennial Auto Repair and I have been very pleased. I found Dana (the owner and manager) to have an extensive knowledge of cars and car repair. (He actually is a degreed automotive engineer, so he’s not your average mechanic.) From my experience, Centennial’s charges are very reasonable(a bargain, compared to a lot of other shops). Most importantly, I believe that you can trust Dana and his staff to only recommend and carry out the service that your car actually needs.”