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Why you should replace your cabin air filter

What is a cabin air filter? A lot of people don’t know what a cabin air filter is, let alone when to replace it. When a car comes to our shop, we try to check the cabin air filter on[...]

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Purchasing a classic car

Good news if you’re planning on obtaining a classic car: It’s much easier to get and keep it running. The bad news is that it’s going to cost you more now than it did when you were young. Deciding on[...]

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Never Take a Radiator Cap off a Hot Car: Here’s Why

Thousands of Americans are severely injured every year one way or another from motor vehicle radiators and coolant. It’s estimated that over three-fourths of these injuries result from removing the radiator cap. Removing the cap on your car’s radiator before[...]

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Do It Yourself Changing Your Cars Spark Plugs

If you drive a car with a gasoline engine, the spark plugs will eventually need to be changed. Diesel and electric engines do not have spark plugs, so the owners of those vehicles will not need to worry about this[...]

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Four Car Maintenance Tips That Can Prevent Big Repairs

Proper car maintenance is all about keeping your car on the road for as long as possible. Many simple maintenance tasks even the most inexperienced mechanic can do save thousands in repairs in the future. It’s also much safer to[...]

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Coolant, head gasket and radiator sealant. Quick fix? Or bigger problem?

If your car ever develops a coolant leak, it may be tempting to buy one of the various products out there to try to seal it up. Although these products at the onset seem very cheap, they will cost you[...]

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Why You Need to Change Your Oil

Oil is the lubrication your engine needs to run properly. Without it, all of the moving parts in your engine, large and small, wouldn’t work properly (or at all). All car mechanics recommend that you change your oil every 3,000[...]

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The Ten Most Reliable Cars

Before we go any further and list the ten most reliable cars, we need to make one thing clear. Any car will run like a dream for years if you take care of it. Change the oil every few thousand[...]

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How to Tell It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Car

Automobiles reach the end of their lives at different times depending on how well you’ve taken care of them over the years, much like ourselves. When cars reach the end of their run, it can be hard to let go[...]

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How to prepare your car for winter

  Cold weather winter temperatures are like a discriminating filter for marginal batteries, and cooling systems. As soon as the weather drops below freezing, vehicles with weak components start failing. Electrical systems and cooling systems are hit the hardest. Car[...]

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