Our Motto:

Honesty …It’s Our Policy!

Our Mission: We Want to Earn Your Trust, Not Just Your Business

Centennial Auto Repair is not your run of the mill auto repair shop. Our technicians are all ASE certified and we have specialists for Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford and Chrysler products. With 65 years experience, we are able to give reliable and fast service, and most repairs are complete within one business day. 

We also appreciate that you work hard for your money: an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. We never inflate our bills with unnecessary repairs!! Our prices are usually one-third less than our competition. We often are close to half of what you will pay at the Dealer.

Our Philosophy is to be honest in all of our dealings with everyone.

We give straight talk and explain clearly the repairs we are suggesting and why.

Every vehicle that comes to our shop receives an inspection of “known wear parts” that are able to be seen.  We feel that automotive repair should be a straightforward, simple exchange of information so that you can make a wise and informed decision. Your doctor doesn’t try to sell you on a blood transfusion. We won’t try to sell you unneeded repairs for your car. We give you a comprehensive list of any suggestions we might have to keep your vehicle running at top performance and a suggested timeline for when concerns might go from a “Good Idea” service to “This Might Leave You Stranded” service. This gives you time to weigh your options and possibly budget for more costly services. We also will print out a “Manufacturer Technician’s Regular Service Schedule” for your vehicle at your request. We always check this schedule for you and alert you to any services the manufacturer may suggest at the mileage interval your car is at.

We want to earn your trust, not just your business.

Towing: If your vehicle needs to be towed, call us first for a towing quote. We regularly shop the local towing companies to ensure that our customers don’t get ripped off before we even see them. Because we do volume business with towing companies, we are usually able to get the best price for your towing. This helps keep the overall bill lower for you.

No Surprises on the Bill: We get customer approval first. If we find extra concerns with your vehicle during a repair, we will not make any extra repairs or do any extra services that might increase your bill by more than $10 without your prior approval.

Owners: Doc & Summer.  Doc is a Combat Veteran with a passion for muscle cars and old school hot rods.  He has several degrees, and has previous positions with Xerox and Kaiser Permanente.  Summer has a passion for helping people.  Previously medical assistant, and retail sales, she is fluent in seven languages and truly loves to help people.

Centennial Auto Repair is family owned and operated.  Whatever you drive, we strive to be your “One-Stop-Shop”.  Stop by and see us, bring us another shop’s quote.   We cannot promise to beat every quote – but we promise we’ll do our best, and you’ll get the truth about your car – every time.





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